It is no secret that our young people need as much positive support in their teenage years than ever before. At Crossfire Youth we aim to give our young people the encouragement and support they need to get through these challenging years and know that there are people in their community who genuinely care for their safety and want the best for their future.

Crossfire youth has two main purposes.  Firstly it is a place where young people from all walks of life can come into a safe and supportive environment and connect.  Making new friends outside of a school environment is an important part of our program.  Slime Night, Master Chef and Crossfire’s Got Talent, just a few of our favourite themed nights.

Secondly, our other focus is to learn about God.  Each week at Crossfire Youth, we take the time to delve into God’s word, learning an important truth from the bible that will help young people discover who God made them to be and how they can stand tall in their community!

Crossfire Youth runs every Friday during the school terms from 630pm – 830pm

For more information on Crossfire Youth contact:

Jennie Dowie:

Mob:0424 996 675