It’s through Connect Groups that our church becomes personal. Many people meet  right across the
Burdekin every week.  We have found that people connect naturally around a common interest and
so the groups range from Bible Studies to sporting groups and everything in between. Whilst every
group looks different our Connect Groups fulfil 4 key purposes.

connect groups1 1. Connection & Care – John 13:35
Helping build relationships through connection and care

2. Share & Prayer – Galatians 6:2
Helping people become strong through bearing one another’s burdens

3. Service – Galatians 6:10
Helping individuals become a team through serving

4. Evangelism – Mark 16:15
Helping lost people become found through purposeful outreach

connect groups2

Connect Groups run throughout the year and can be joined at anytime.  A list of groups can be
found at the centre of this form and more information can be given to you by contacting the
church office on 4783 5937 or emailing us at



Click here to find a Connect Group that suits you!



connect groups3

We believe everyone has passions, skills and hobbies that can be shared with others and be a blessing, while connecting and building relationships.

Complete a Connect Group Leaders Application Form that you can get from church or our office, outlining your idea for a Connect Group.

Once approved, you will be given training and provided with a coach to assist you in the facilitation of your group.

Examples include: Sporting – eg tennis, touch football, gym Book study – eg ‘Boundaries’ Hobbies & Craft Bible Studies Young families picnic Marriage Course Cooking Music